Bluebell Music is passionate about providing fun and meaningful musical experiences for children.

Mums and Bubs Program

Classes are for children aged between 3 months and 4 years. During each class we focus on developing a love of music achieved through a selection of familiar songs and music activities, presented in an enjoyable and informal class setting.

Our experienced and energetic teachers create a caring environment in which children can begin their musical journey. Children, along with their parents or carer, will discover the key concepts of music through listening, singing, moving and improvisation.

We understand that not everyone can commit to the full term, so we are more than happy to accommodate casual attendance. For the maximum benefit for your child, we encourage regular attendance. Familiarity will help build your child’s confidence, enjoyment and level of interaction in the classes.

Pre-Instrumental Program

The Bluebell Music Pre-Instrumental Program has been developed to teach children the key musical skills required when learning a solo instrument. Research shows that multi-modal learning through musical games and movement activities is essential for the development of children’s coordination and creativity. Playing on Glockenspiels and various percussion instruments gives children excellent ear and eye preparation for Keyboard, Violin etc, without prematurely putting pressure on separating immature fingers or the need to practice every day. Children will then progress to a solo instrument when they are developmentally ready ensuring an enjoyable and positive learning experience.During the classes, children will develop their Musical skills by exploring Pitch, Beat, Form and Tempo. Children will learn to develop their listening skills and Signing voices through pitch exploration activities, vocal improvisation and a variety of repertoire. Children will also participate in musical activities in Movement Exploration, ensemble playing and will learn to play variety of tuned and non-tuned percussion instruments.

The classes are formally structured and follow our curriculum. All lessons are presented in a relaxed and enjoyable class setting to enable the children to feel confident and and happy in their music making.

The Pre-Instrumenal Program is for chilren Age 3 – 8. Classes are more formally structured and focus on developing the Concepts of Music in preperation to join the instrumental program. Class sizes are limited to 10 students.

Level 1 – Age 3 Years

Level 2 – Age 4 Years

Level 3 – Kindergarten

Level 4 – Year 1 / Year 2+ – Violin/ Keybord Class

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